Mainstreaming GDRs into the research & policy literature

In the last year, GDRs has been decisively mainstreamed into the energy research, climate policy, and climate ethics literatures.  A perusal of the Notices and Reviews page of this website provides the details — some of which are quite striking — but the overall trend is notable in itself.   It includes the established environmental networks (both Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace have in the last year released major energy policy reports that include GDRs as part of their core analysis, and WWF continues to suggest that something like GDRs is going to be seen as necessary, as soon as we become serious about trying to stabilize the climate), the policy literature (including the literature in India and China, where the climate equity debate is heating up), and of course the academic literature, where GDRs in now established within the core of the expanding equity debate.