How fair is fair enough? Two climate concepts compared

The Heinrich Böll Foundation has long been a supporter of GDRs, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not open to new — or old — ideas.  Thus, in the pre-Copenhagen issue of its new magazine, it features (see page 33) a face off between GDRs and Contraction and Convergence.  Why these two?  Because “Other approaches with the potential to mitigate emissions fairly are not in discussion at present.”

Which is itself fair enough.

And this debate is useful, too.  Though as far as we can tell, C&C doesn’t have much traction, at least in the negotiations.   And we would add that the per-capita principle is of enduring salience.  We do not for a moment deny that!

But it would be churlish of us to say more.  This is a debate among others, and they can speak for themselves.   The C&C side is argued by Katrin Krause and Konrad Ott, both of Greifswald University.  The GDRs side is argued by Tilman Santarius, who is now at Böll.